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Flower Faces for Grandparents

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Other Supplies you will need

  • Wooden fence/pallet surface
  • Color laser print/copy of children’s faces
  • Crown caps
  • Painters tape
  • Wooden skewers
  • Tiny clothespins
  • Hot glue
  • Paper towel
  • Water basin
  • Hammer
  • Note for grandparent(s)


  1. Paint the fence Apple Barrel White using a large flat brush. Allow it to dry.
  2. Stencil Tape across all pickets. Using a flat brush, paint the top half with Apple Barrel Cloudless. Allow it to dry.  Remove tape.
  3. Trim and paint the skewers in Apple Barrel Parakeet to create stems. Allow it to dry.
  4. Paint two clothespins per flower in Apple Barrel Parakeet for leaves. Allow it to dry.
  5. Place crown caps with flat-end (side with logo)facing down on a cloth placed over solid ground. Hammer at an angle to flatten out the cap rim to create a flower shape. Paint with two coats of Apple Barrel Yellow letting the coats dry in between.
  6. Cut the faces into circles to fit the inside of hammered crown cap. Lightly coat the inside of the crown cap and backside of the image with Mod Podge. Place image at the center and press firmly in place with fingers. Allow it to dry.
  7. Hot glue the stems to the back of each flower or crown cap. Clip two leaves in various heights to each stem. Applying hot glue to the back of the two leaves attach to the fence by pressing firmly.
  8. Hot glue two clothespins to hold a personal note. You can enhance the note by painting a border and hearts using a liner brush.


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Pretty in Pinks and Purples Table Decor with Apple Barrel Craft Paints

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Other Supplies that you need

1 no. of…8 inch Clay pot and saucer,

4 nos. of…3inch Clay pots and saucers, Wood tulip shapes, Wood dowels, Pink heart gems, Purple flower gems

6 nos. of large wood heart shapes,

10 nos. of Wood flower shapes

14 nos. of Small wood heart shapes,

22 nos. of Medium wood heart shapes,

Moss, Ribbon, Gloss craft spray, Paint brushes, Hot glue gun, Scissors or pliers


  1. Using Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint – Leaf Green, paint the wooden dowels and set aside.
  2. Paint two each of the font and back of large wood heart shapes, using Apple Barrel – Light Pink, Apple Barrel – Diva Pink and Apple Barrel – Fuchsia.
  3. Paint the wood tulip shapes in Apple Barrel – Pretty in Pink, Apple Barrel – Grape Jam and Apple Barrel Leaf Green.
  4. Paint front and back of wood flower shapes. Use Grape Jam, Pink Polish, Concord Grape, Petunia Purple, and Light Pink to vary the shades in the bouquet.
  5. Paint 8 medium hearts in Light Pink, 4 medium hearts in Pretty in Pink and 4  in Pink Polish.
  6. Paint 4 small hearts in Pretty in Pink,  2 small hearts in Diva Pink and Pink Polish.
  7. Apply a coat of Mod Podge Sparkle to add some glitz to your flowers. Allow it to dry.
  8. Hot glue the painted wood dowels in between the matching painted flowers.
  9. Decorate with small and medium painted hearts and gems.

Clay Pots and Saucers

  1. Paint the 8 inch clay pot and saucer with Apple Barrel – Concord Grape. Allow it to dry. Apply a second coat to the outside.
  2. Paint all of the 3 inch clay pots and saucers with Apple Barrel – Grape Jam. Allow time to dry. You may apply a second coat if desired.
  3. Customize the smaller pots with guests names, if desired, using a liner brush and Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint – Pink Polish. Allow it to dry.
  4. Use Mod Podge Sparkle and a paint brush and apply over the names and covering the outsides of the pots. Add a coat to the saucers as well. Allow it to dry.
  5. Apply a coordinating ribbon to the top of the flower pots. This can be secured with hot glue and a gem.

For the Larger Pot

  1. After painting, secure coordinating ribbon along the brim of the pot and saucer with hot glue. Ensure that the ends of the ribbon meet in the front of the pot.
  2. Using Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint -Pink Polish, paint one medium heart and one small heart.  When dry attach the medium heart with hot glue over the spot where the ends of the ribbon meet on the pot.
  3. Repeat with the small heart on the saucer.
  4. Decorate the flower pot with purple flower gems and hot glue.

The Finishing Touch

  1. Place a cube of floral foam at the bottom of each of the painted flower pots.
  2. Using pliers or scissors cut the stems of the wood flowers to the desired height.
  3. Cover the floral foam with crafting moss and, gently twist the dowels through the moss and into the foam.

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