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KaLa - Mistral 1650|2100

Kala – Mistral 1650|2100

Product Enquiry

Cold laminator with heat assist upper roller (adjustable from 30°C to 60°C in steps of 5°C – 86°F to 140°F in steps of 9°F). Dedicated for the most demanding users in terms of quality and productivity. Lamination speed from
0,30cm (1ft) to 6,20m/min (21ft). Roll take up shaft for laminated documents included.

Product Description

• Single side lamination with or without waste paper
• Simultaneous single side lamination and adhesive mounting
Optional LED Kit to be installed under the upper beam of the laminator. This light enables to check the right process of the lamination. Ideal for dark spot in the workplace. Controled by the main switch, it also shows if the machine has been turned of before leaving the workshop

Max thickness of 50mm print + board
Max working width 1710 | 2160mm
Max. speed Adjustable from 0.3 to 6.3 m/min
Size of machine 206 | 250W x 82D x 153H cm
Weight 114kg