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Magnetoplan - White Boards

Magnetoplan – White Boards

Product Enquiry

45x60cm : COP WB1240288

60x90cm : COP WB1240388

90x120cm : COP WB1240488

120x180cm : COP WB1240688

100x150cm : COP WB1240888

120x220cm : COP WB1240788

120x240cm : COP WB1241088

120x300cm : COP WB1241188


Product Description

• New Design & improved Quality

• With Special-lacquered surface, magnetically adhesive. Can be written-on with board markers and writings dry-wipes easily

• With anodized all around aluminum frame for an elegant appearance
• 4 point mounting with barely visible hooks

• Boards are backed with metal plate to prevent twisting

• Composite construction with screws of board and frame guarantee high stability
• Aluminum Frame with stable corner angles, rounded at the edges
• Marker Pen tray that covers the full width of the board

• Including mounting accessories

• 5 years Guarantee for the surface