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Rex Rotary Managed Print Services

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Reducing print costs and the environmental impact is dominant priority for Graphic’s Managed Print Services. With a strong technology tie- up for a wide range of printing equipment, we are committed to alter your paper footprint by a significant magnitude.

Product Description

Print Strategic Assessment

The PSA by GIC expert team identifies several pertinent gaps in your printing needs and infrastructure. These gaps are calculated using multiple parameters such as utilization, cost-effectiveness, user-level needs, and technological constraints.

Starting from physical assessment of the printers in site visits, the PSA includes a highly detailed analysis of your printing infrastructure on several operational and strategic parameters.

The data collected is analyzed to understand the current gaps in the existing document output infrastructure and workflow, and to provide clear visibility on the current total costs of ownership. Comprehensive recommendations about layout, technology qualifications, paper consumption, among others, are provided in the form of a report along with proposed solutions.


Print Management                                 

Print management solutions enables you to control, manage and monitor your entire print environment. Controlling the user print behavior through printing policy enforcement, print management focuses on embracing costs-reduction output strategies while enhancing user experience with document output.


Fleet Management     

Fleet management helps you clearly identify the utilization of each component  of your printing equipment setup, and reorganize the workflow  to achieve the utmost efficiency and lowest cost per print.

Data Capture & Workflow Solutions

Solutions that orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper, electronic  documents and data into business applications.