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SMIT - White

SMIT – White

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45x60cm : SMV 14600-211
60x90cm : SMV 14600-210
90x120cm: SMV 14600-209
100x150cm: SMV 14600-206

Product Description

• Stylish White glass whiteboards are a true asset for any workplace. They are magnetic, writable and dry erasable. The glass whiteboards are coated on the back to ensure clear legibility and can, therefore, be positioned against any colored background wall.
• This modern Glass boards are made from hardened safety glass Order.

• Very exclusive design; elegant colored writable glass surface and stylish aluminum colored suspension points.

• 4 mm glass plate with a 0.5 mm galvanized steel plate with a scratch-proof coating.

• Includes: glass tray, 1 magnetic eraser, 5 round magnets and suspension material for installation on a stone wall. Distance between the wall and the glass board: 2.5 cm.