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Canson - Metallic Crepe Paper

Canson – Metallic Crepe Paper

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Packs 32gsm
Color Rolls Code
Gold 10 CAN 20000-2431
Silver 10 CAN 20000-2432
Red 10 CAN 20000-2433
Green 10 CAN 20000-2434
Pink 10 CAN 20000-2435
Blue 10 CAN 20000-2438
Box Set
Color Rolls Code
Gold 17
Silver 15
Red 12 CAN 20000-6400
Green 10
Pink 3
Blue 3
TOTAL 60 Rolls

Product Description

Canson® offers a wide range of rolls dedicated to creative leisure activities crepe, craft, corrugated. Much to the delight of young and old for their art and craft activities.

The range of Canson® Metallic Crepe Paper and Canson® Flame-Resistant Crepe Paper suit especially for party decorations, birthdays, family events or new years parties.