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Copic ciao Set 5+1 Hues

Copic ciao Set 5+1 Hues

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Copic Markers and inking pens are the highest quality art supplies, manufactured in Japan.
Copic Markers and pens are each hand-tested 3 times, and colors are computer-matched from batch to batch to guarantee lifetime consistency.

With a little care, your markers will last for many years.
If a marker goes dry, simply purchase a matching refill ink.
If you damage a nib, easily pull the old nib out with tweezers and replace it.

Markers can be stored either horizontally or vertically.
Their alcohol-based dyes adhere to many surfaces besides paper including plastic, wood, and fabric.


Product Description

Replaceable nibs
Refillable ink
Alcohol-based ink is permanent and non-toxic
Dries acid-free
Medium Broad nib for thick strokes
Super Brush nib for variable-width strokes