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Haider Bioswing® Improve® 150

Haider Bioswing® Improve® 150

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? The oscillating rod BIOSWING Improve promotes coordination, strength and local muscle endurance.
? The vibration bar BIOSWING Improve improves posture and body awareness.
? The oscillating rod BIOSWING Improve promotes blood circulation and concentration.


Product Description

The ideal training partner for your health, fitness and athleticism
The oscillating rod BIOSWING Improve 150, the training device from the inventor of the vibrating rod. This exerciser features an elastic, specially coated vibrating wire with patented damping elements and two easily adjustable frequency regulators. The frequency of the vibrations and thus the exercise difficulty can be adjusted individually, continuously. The vibration bar BIOSWING Improve leads to training effects in several body systems. Dosed rhythmic stimuli dynamically activate the muscle groups and the neuro-muscular action and reaction time is improved in addition to the holding function. The muscles in the arms, shoulder girdle, spine and pelvic girdle are functionally strengthened and their metabolism optimized. An easily adjustable frequency knob on each side allows a wide symmetric and asymmetric frequency spectrum. This leads to a training target adapted stimulation of the neuromuscular system.