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Haider Bioswing® Model 660 IQ S Leather, Black

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Leather (EL180) , Black


Product Description

HAIDER BIOSWING® 3D Seat Technology

TrainBackMatic, automatically synchronises seat and backrest, including
back pressure adjustment setting, level 50 to 150 kg

Ergonomically designed backrest (60 cm), individually adjustable up to
a back angle of 39° or by permanent contact mechanism

Lumbar support, individually adjustable curvature

Headrest height, depth and tilt adjustable

Seat height individually adjustable from 42 to 52 cm (gas spring 1),
alternatively 47 to 60 cm (gas spring 2)

Seat depth adjustable with slide 46 to 52 cm

Seat tilt individually adjustable or with permanent contact mechanism

Armrests, multifunctional leather, black, square-cut, height adjustable,
width adjustable with additional quick positioning, rotatable (4F)

Five star base, 65 cm, polished aluminium

Wheels aluminium-chrome, soft, 6 cm