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Kodak - 70005EU2700

Kodak – 70005EU2700

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Kodak A21 Milky Led Bulb 11W 2700K-E27, 220V Non-Dim


Product Description

The KODAK LED lamps offer an opening of the light beam 240 degrees, giving a full illumination of the chamber in which it is Montanta the bulb. It adapts well to the lighting in the hospitality industry, as well as home environments.

Technical features:

Rated Life 25,000 hours
not dimmable
Power: 15W
Lumen: 1200
Warm light: 2700k
Beam Angle: 240°
No UV / IR
Base: E27
Halogen equivalent: 120w

The package contains:

No.1 LED Bulb