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Marabu Aqua Pencil Graphix

Marabu Aqua Pencil Graphix

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Marabu GRAPHIX offers the right tools to enable you to get creative ideas down on paper. Losing yourself when drawing and painting is a growing trend that is reflected in many popular art forms, from colouring books for adults and drawing comics, doodles, mangas and fashion sketches to Zentangles.

This range of pens and colours offers a wealth of possibility, whether it’s hand lettering, relaxed scribbles while on the phone, illustrated musings during a lecture or memories drawn while leafing through old photos.


Product Description

It’s not about art – it’s about drawing our ideas whenever we want.

You can make a difference with a little water. You can spread the high pigment colour and bring whole new dynamics and depth to your drawings with Marabu Graphix Aqua pencils and a wet brush. You can let it flow on watercolour paper without causing major waves.