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Marabu Artist Acryl

Marabu Artist Acryl

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Enthusiasm and wonder. Creating freedom for impressive masterpieces with the Marabu Artist Acryl high quality acrylic paint. The special properties of the artist Acryl allow an optimal application of professional painting. High pigmentation ensures optimal color and intensity with impressive clarity and outstanding shine. The pasty consistency allows a wide variety of applications. A soft, even matte surface provides good conditions for unique artwork. The assortment includes 12 colors in 12 ml, ideal to start in the world of acrylics for artists.


Product Description

Acrylic paint Set with 12 different colors of 12 ml Ideal on canvas, textured, paper, wood, etc. Pasty consistency with very good gloss and hiding power High pigmentation and very high resistance to light After drying the water