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intensively bright colours
very good light fastness
for cotton, linen, silk, viscose and mixed fabrics with up to 20% man-made fibres
also suitable for children
hand-washable up to 40 °C
Instructions for use:

For all hand dyeing and blocking techniques, e.g. wax batik, tying and folding technique (plangi), sewing technique (tritik) and devoré dyeing (so-called dual-colour technique). One sachet (25 g) provides intensive colours on 150 g of fabric. Medium to subtle shades can be achieved on fabric volumes up to 300 g.

The original colours can only be achieved on white textiles, coloured textiles will produce a mixed shade with the base colour. See secondary dyeing table.

Dyeing process:
1. For intensive dyeing, pour 3-5 l of boiling water into a large, stainless container (bowl, bucket) to ensure that the fabric can move freely. For medium to delicate shades (max. 300 g of fabric) use 7 l of water.
2. Add contents of the sachet and dissolve.
3. Add 1 Tbsp of table salt for each litre of water and dissolve. 50 ml of household vinegar also have to be added for silk.
4. Moisten fabric with lukewarm water, squeeze lightly.
5. Place the fabric into the dye liquor; for wax batik let the temperature reduce to 40-50°C.
6. Dye for at least 20 minutes, constantly moving the fabric.
7. Rinse the dyed fabric in cold water until the water runs clear after every dye cycle. Silk has to cool down slowly before rinsing.
The dye liquor can be stored in a clean, sealed container for several days; it should be reheated to at least 40°C before dyeing, though. The higher the temperature the more intensive the colour.

Devoré dyeing (so-called dual colour technique):
The fantastically elegant two-colour devoré effect can now be easily achieved at home using SilkArt and EasyColor. Classic devoré dyeing of silk viscose fabric is done in two steps, i.e. it consists of two consecutive dyeing processes (dual colour technique). Even single-step dyeing can produce very attractive results (see formulations 1, 14, 17).

We have put together 17 of the most beautiful colour combinations and will show you how easy devoré dyeing is with Marabu SilkArt and Marabu EasyColor.

For each dyeing step you will need:
Marabu SilkArt (see formulations 1-17)
Marabu EasyColor (see formulations 1-17)
Devoré scarf
3 l water
6 level Tbsp table salt
Marabu Conditioner to improve resistance to sweat
1 stainless pot
rubber gloves
hob or hotplate
1 wooden spoon, 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon
sink or bowl for rinsing the dyed items
plastic sheet for covering the work surface
small amount of mild detergent for washing out the dye

Product Description

Batik and hand dyes for cotton, linen, silk, viscose and mixed fabrics (max. 20 % man-made fibres) and rice paper. Hand-washable up to 40°C. Not suitable for boil wash. Very good light fastness.