Marabu Forte, angled No. 4 |

Marabu Forte, angled No. 4

Marabu Forte, angled No. 4

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The Marabu Forte brushes are particularly robust synthetic hair brushes. The dark and elastic bristles are particularly durable. Surrounded by a seamless aluzwinge, the Forte range is suitable, for example, for the filling technique and for the application of pasty colors and viscous structure pastes and gels on rough surfaces. The wide bristles enable large-area paint jobs and precise painting edges. You can also use this article for the textile, acrylic, or oil technology. After using the Marabu Forte Brush, acrylic and other water-based paints should be washed out when wet. After application with oil paints, the paint residues on the bristles should first be wiped off with a cloth or a cloth and then cleaned with turpentine. At the end of cleaning, wash the brush with curd soap for longer life. Dry the brushes best hanging, with the bristles down.

Product Description

Synthetic hair brush
Seamless drawn aluzwinge
Ideal for rough surfaces