Marabu Gesso-Primer 808, 225ml |

Marabu Gesso-Primer 808, 225ml

Marabu Gesso-Primer 808, 225ml

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You will receive a can of 225 ml Marabu Gesso – white primer. This water-based primer creates a fine surface for smooth application and good adhesion of paints and media. The fine, highly opaque and weakly absorbent acrylic primer can be applied to many different substrates such as paper, wood, canvas. It is suitable for many different painting techniques such as acrylic, oil, gouache and watercolor painting and can be applied with the brush, paint roller or sponge. It can be diluted with water and is dyeable with acrylic dyes, lightfast, water and weather resistant and remains elastic after drying.

Product Description

Gesso primer white, can with 225 ml content
Creates a fine surface and ensures good adhesion
For surfaces made of paper, wood, canvas
Highly opaque and slightly absorbent
Can be dyed with acrylics and diluted with water