Marabu Magnet, 225 ml plastic pot |

Marabu Magnet, 225 ml plastic pot

Marabu Magnet, 225 ml plastic pot

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Design your wall as a magnetic surface with the Marabu Magnet color in gray. This gray water-based magnetic ink is well-covering, waterproof and lightfast. In addition to walls but other substrates such as wood, MDF, metal, paper and stretcher can be easily converted by brush or paint roller to the blackboard. Cover the primer with Marabu Tafel after drying and you will receive a multifunctional memo board, which will not only accommodate important documents with magnets, but also small messages with chalk. This can has a capacity of 225 ml and is sufficient for about 2.5 m². Before use, stir well the acrylic paint and apply undiluted. For best results the color should be applied at least 3 times.

Product Description

Acrylic magnetic paint
Color gray
Good opaque acrylic paint, waterproof, lightfast, water-based
Stir well before use and apply undiluted
Substrates: wall, paper, wood, MDF, metal, stretcher