Marabu Textil Paint Marker (3 mm) |

Marabu Textil Paint Marker (3 mm)

Marabu Textil Paint Marker (3 mm)

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Fabric crayon for light and dark fabrics
easy in the application
soft grip
after fixing with the iron or in the oven washable up to 40 ° C
easy to combine with Marabu Textil / Textil plus
Pumping system with high pigmentation

Instructions for use :

1. Paint exclusively on textiles free from aftertreatment and softener.

2. Shake vigorously before use and push in the tip several times.

3. Let the painted paint dry (about 30 minutes) and then fix it with the iron for 5 minutes (each 30 x 30 cm) at cotton temperature without steam. Fixing is also possible in the oven with 150 ° C. Duration approx. 8 minutes (except for synthetics and blended fabrics).

4. Keep the Marabu Textil Painter Glitter lying down!

Wash out finish / Pre-wash textilesNew textiles must be washed at least once without fabric softener before painting. Treatments and softener prevent the penetration of the color into the fiber, adhesion after fixation is therefore not guaranteed.double-sided textilesWhen painting double-sided textiles (T-shirt or cushion cover) always place a piece of cardboard between the textile layers so that the paint application can not penetrate. This also facilitates painting on fabric, especially for children.Suitable textilesWith the Marabu textile dyes you can paint all non-finish and detergent-free textiles made of cotton, linen, jute, silk and blended fabrics up to a maximum of 20% synthetic fiber content. Do not use knitwear as these can not be fixed properly.Closecaps of the Marabu Painter after use close with a “click”.Marabu PainterFor the pens to be enjoyable for a long time, you should consider the following tips :
1. Never leave the pens open too long, even during the painting, otherwise the tip may dry !
2. Remove excess ink and always clean pins and close cap well !
3. Always keep pens lying down.Dry before fixingDo not fix painted textiles until the paint has dried completely. Possibly. let it dry overnight.Valve System/ Pumping System :
Pumping PinsTo activate the valve system, the pin must be shaken vigorously with the cap closed (mixing balls must be clearly audible). Then remove the cap and briefly press the tip a few times on a neutral surface until the ink becomes visible. Please note :
1. With the thin 0.8mm tip it is sufficient to push in the tip only 2x. 2. Metallic and glitter tones need to be shaken up longer, as the color pigments are heavier. 3. Slowly inflate the tips of the Marabu-Painter, as too much indentation of the tip leads to excessive ink discharge.Dirty or dried painttipsRemove paint-stained or dried paint tips from Deco Painter, Porcelain & Glass Painter, Glass Painter, Textile Painter plus, Art Painter and Textil Glitter Painter from the pen and simply clean with water, soaking in lukewarm water. Thenwash painted textilesAlwayswash painted textilesfrom the left with mild detergent. Never place iron directly on the painted surfaces, either ironed from the left or covered with a cloth.Painting T-shirtsWhen painting T-shirts, simply slip a piece of cardboard under the fabric so that the paint can not penetrate.

Product Description

Fabric crayon for light and dark fabrics. Easy to use. Soft handle, water-based. After fixing with the iron or oven washable up to 40 ° C. Can be combined with Marabu Textil / Textil plus. Pumping system with high pigmentation.