Marabu Thickener, 100 ml |

Marabu Thickener, 100 ml

Marabu Thickener, 100 ml

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The acrylic thickener from Marabu is impasto and colorless. Like the acrylic paints, it is water-based and provides a much more pasty consistency of acrylic colors. Mix max. Add 40% thickener to the paint and apply with a spatula or brush. You will notice the difference in density immediately. Thus, the Marabu acrylic paints can be optimally thickened for stenciling or you achieve great structural effects with the pastose color. Of course, the paint can be applied with the thickener on all common substrates. Stretcher, wood, MDF, paper, metal and other surfaces are so easy to design. Also wonderfully suitable for mixed media technology.

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Marabu Acrylic Thickener, 100 Ml