Molotow – Grafx Aqua – 180ml refil |

Molotow - Grafx Aqua - 180ml refil
Molotow - Grafx Aqua - 180ml refil

Molotow – Grafx Aqua – 180ml refil

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A special water-based ink.

Ideal for all applications in watercolor and colouring.

The intensive inks are food-safe and for that reason harmless to children. So, it is a perfect tool for all small and big artists!

Suitable for all Empty Markers and the Grafx Aqua Ink Pump Softliner.


Product Description

Molotow One4All series is just as unique as versatile. It consists of technically advanced tusseista which there are six different sizes (1 mm – 15 mm) and a unique acrylic-based hybrid-paint, that works on almost every surface. All markers are refillable One4All filling bottles (180ml and 30ml) markers, as well as the tips are replaceable if necessary. Molotow One4All paints can be mixed together and create, therefore, entirely your own shades, and thinned with water or acetone. The coating may be used in a very wide toolbox. Since Molotow One4All is so versatile, it opens up endless creative opportunities for artists and enthusiasts. Molotow One4All series of products is the missing link between spray paints, spray paints, markers and brushes. Contain a lot of pigment products are manufactured in Germany and brings to the user the color brilliance and excellent opacity -. The goal is capable of everything and covers everything to ensure quality Molotow!