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Molotow Grafx Aqua Ink Softliner Main Kit 1

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Finally – the world’s first ready-to-use Aqua Pump Softliner with a water-based special ink that is harmless to children. Due to its versatility and color intensity, it’s an universal star in the design-, graphics- and art sector. The softliner is ideal for all watercolor applications and for colorizing – even calligraphic artworks are no problem. Moreover, he easily can be refilled.


Product Description

12 x Aqua Pump Softliner (1 mm Brush-Tip)
AI.01 primary yellow
AI.03 orange
AI.05 vermilion
AI.08 pink
AI.10 purple
AI.11 primary blue
AI.12 cyan
AI.13 turquoise
AI.15 dark green
AI.16 yellow green
AI.19 brown
AI.22 deep black