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Molotow - UV Varnish
Molotow - UV VarnishMolotow - UV Varnish

Molotow – UV Varnish

Product Enquiry

Order Code – MOL 337311 (Gloss 400ml)

Order Code – MOL 337313 (UFA Special Grundierfuller)

Order Code – MOL 337319 (UFA Special 2K Klarlack)

Order Code – MOL 337320 (UFA Special Styropor


Order Code – MOL 337422 (Matte 400ml)

Order Code – MOL 337801 (UFA Special Phosphor)


Product Description

High quality paint with special acrylic-based UV protection for fine arts. Indoor and outdoor use. Clean surface thoroughly before coat is applied. Optimal protected surface can be reached by applying several thin layers each with a time span of approx. 5 minutes in between (depending on thickness of the applied coat).