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The newly-developed eco solvent SX inks offer a wide color gamut, high vividness, high density, excellent outdoor durability and low running costs in addition to the low level of odor. Overall performance of SX inks meets the customers demand for higher productivity and better workplace environment.

Product Description

Increased Production and Capacity

With sellable quality print speeds of up to 66 m2/h on banner and 33m2/h on vinyl the M64s has double the production capabilities of other high speed printers in its class.
Decreased Ink Costs

With ink costs from £1 m2 on banner material and £1.40 m2 on vinyl the M64s has significantly lower ink costs than any of its competitors.
Decreased Waste Cost and Reduced Operator Involvement

With 1 CLICK Automatic Calibration, built in ironiser and intuative PC based control software the M64s virtually eliminates user error, ensuring your printer is always calibrated to your media meaning fewer wasted jobs and lower labour costs.
Uninterrupted Printing

With a combination of 1.5L eco friendly ink sacks and 100ml sub tanks the M64s is capable of continuous uninterrupted print allowing you to change inks without stopping the printer. With remote access software combined with the intuative pc based software the printer is able to be fully operated from another room or even from home.
Versatile Multiple Use Printer

With 7 colour sustainable nordic swan approved eco solvent ink the M64s is capable of producing photo quality indoor fine art graphics, true greyscale and black and white images, full colour outdoor prints with best in class UV stability and scratch resistance and 3M approved vehicle wraps the M64s really does have all the bases covered.
Reduced Down Time

With advanced print head technology including Nozzle Protection System and Smart nozzle mapping the M64s is able to meet quick turnaround requirements and virtually eliminates the risk of head strikes and machine down time. Coupled with a 2yr gold warranty the M64s is a truly safe investment.
Increased Residual Value

With its full complement of advanced features and technology the M64s retains its value extremely well. With print heads which are extremely difficult to damage, have multiyear life expectancy and nozzle mapping, the M64s will still be printing at full speed and quality for years to come.
Maximum Return on Investment

With all the features above and many more besides the M64s delivers incredible return on investment, making it suitable for all types of businesses from high capacity commercial and trade printers to, vehicle wrappers and print shops. The M64s is capable of paying for itself in under 2 days*