SenseBook Sketchpad A4 size (29.7 X 21 cm) (W X H) |


SenseBook Sketchpad A4 size (29.7 X 21 cm) (W X H)

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The sense book sketchpad is the sketchbook that touches your senses. The cover is made of cream-colored linen, soft, warm and alive. The fine but firm sites are the best basis for all your drawings, you want to put on paper. Different painting techniques such as watercolor, pencil, charcoal, marker layout etc., are best expressed here. In the loving design of the book sense Sketchpads was thought along: The 40 off-white blank pages are double coated and convince with the high paper weight. The red band clip you can sketchpad always securely close your. So it becomes a loving companion in all your ways wherever you want to let your creativity run wild.

  • Noble linen cover in cream
  • With red elastic band clip
  • 40 bound, cream-colored pages, double coated
  • For all common painting techniques (watercolor, pencil, charcoal, marker layout, etc.)
  • Format: A4 (29.7 x 21 cm)
  • Paper weight: 180 g / sqm.

Product Description

The senseBook’s inviting warm color and hand-sewn, genuine leather were designed especially to connect you to the task at hand. Perfect for note keeping, journaling, drawing and so much more. The senseBook features two closure types to match your personal style and preference. Choose the sleek Red Rubber closure for efficiency or the Flap tie cover to keep loose papers organized and protected.