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Transotype Cutting Kit

Product Enquiry

  • Incl. 1 transparent cutting mat (300 x 220 mm, 10 + 50 mm scale) in self-closing and top-quality 3-layer “sandwich-Soft” construction with a hard core
  • 1 non-slip aluminum cutting rule (30 cm), powder coated in red, for easy retrieval of crowded work tables. (Winner of the reddot design award winner 2015 and the German Design Award Special Mention 2016)
  • 1 Precision cutter made of aluminum, incl. 5 spare blades.

So if you count the paper lovers, you’re equipped with the high-quality cutting complete set perfect.

Product Description

With the professional trimmer set you have everything here what you need for precise paper work. It offers creative from the professional and do-all-round solution for graphics, assembly & photographs, scrapbooking, model making etc