Transotype Cutting Mats – Size 45cm X 30cm |


Transotype Cutting Mats – Size 45cm X 30cm

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Double sided cutting mat
A3 Size
Transparent mat
Premium Quality Brand

Product Description

Premium quality transparent cutting mat. Using soft 3-ply “sandwich” structure with a hard core, invisible cuts are done with precision. Both sides are usable, with 10/50mm grid on one side. Copic art tools are the highest quality available in the world today. Our refillable pens and markers feature replaceable nibs to allow for lifetime use. Our marker based airbrushing system is one-of-a-kind, easy to use, and easily extends any existing Sketch or Original Copic marker collection. Computerized color matching and strict manufacturing standards have provided over 25 years of guaranteed color consistency. Copic inks never vary from batch to batch. Box Contains A3 Cutting Mat