Transotype FLEXIBLE CURVE RULER – Length 60cm |


Transotype FLEXIBLE CURVE RULER – Length 60cm

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  • Curve template made from vinyl in red color
  • Flexible for bending into any desired shape for measuring, drawing, marking & copying curves & concavities.
  • Easy to install on a drawing table
  • With a beveled edge and scales in mm & inches



Product Description

The flexible spline of vinyl in the signal color red, for easy retrieval on crowded desks. Flexibly bendable in any desired shape.

  • For measuring, drawing, scribing and transfer curves and corners
  • It allows you the easy mounting on the drawing board
  • Ideal for paper pattern for tailoring work
  • available with ink edge and millimeter and inch-scale, at 30 cm / 12 inch + 60 cm / 24 inch.