Transotype Graphite Pencils, 12 pcs , 8B |


Transotype Graphite Pencils, 12 pcs , 8B

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Graphite pencils, 6. Sorted. A line width pieces or 12 pieces

Product Description

Made of the finest graphite. For sketching and scribbling, to visualize an idea, to the sketchy detention of landscapes, portraits and situations. The graphite pencils are coated paint for a clean handling. Due to their own weight are they comfortable to hold.

Wide bars can be attained by a shallow angle when placing the pen, fine details are the implemented sharpened tip. To erase itself is soft vinyl, or an eraser . For sharpening , we recommend regular sharpener, sandpaper or blade.

6 weights to choose from: HB , 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B and EE (50% graphite and 50% charcoal ).