Process automation is essential to futureproof your business and increase productivity to ensure business continuity in the current changing climate. Which means you have to redesign your business processes, make them more agile, transparent and less dependant of human resources. The goal is to implement solutions that secure and enable key business processes to run remotely and give your employees access to the critical information any time, and from any location.

Watch the Control+ Video

Find out how the Control+ package enables
advanced control for reporting, remote collaboration
and device error management. Watch the short video
and see the package details in the Apps and Packages

Connect your devices

RICOH Smart Integration is a platform which provides cloud-based apps and document workflow integration across devices. Our easy-to-use apps connect your Ricoh multi- function printer (MFP), products and other smart devices, to popular third-party cloud services, so that important information becomes instantly accessible.

Integrate your cloud

Connect your Ricoh device to a
range of external cloud services.
That means you don’t have to be
tied to one machine or network
to access the documents you need.
Teams can work from anywhere
and stay connected, viewing and
sharing files from their own devices.

Improve your workflows

Work faster and more cost effectively
by automating everyday workflows.
Youmight be handling invoices,
expenses, or working on documents
as a team. Turn one paper file into
multiple copies of a shareable,
editable, digital document.

RICOH Smart Integration Packages - Free for 60 days

It’s easy to start using RICOH Smart Integration on your terms. Explore the package options below, then simply order the apps package you need for however long you need it or try it for free for 60 days. The apps are activated direct from your Ricoh device, so you will be up and running in no time. Because RICOH Smart Integration is a cloud-based solution, there’s no costly installation or engineer visit required to get started.
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